August 1, 2006
The Cannery
Las Vegas, Nevada
Las Vegas Lights!
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We survived our first day of travel across the scorching Mojave Desert.  Taking five hours, we pulled
into Las Vegas just in time for dinner with Sheila and Rich Gray.  Sheila is the chapter president of the
Scleroderma Foundation, Las Vegas Chapter.  We were greeted by a valet team ready for our arrival,
providng special parking for our van and trailer.

As guests of Sheila and Rich, we had a wonderful time, enjoying a prime rib dinner and martinis.  
Ophie gambled at the nickel slots, winning more than $80.  WOW!

Retiring early, we prepared for a new day on the road to Salt Lake City.  Sheila gave us additional
items for the raffle and to help raising money while at The Buffalo Chip.  Thanks, Sheila!

Over dinner we discussed ways to carry on our fundraising efforts into 2007.  Stay tuned for future
ann ouncements.  Enjoy the pictures.
Headin' across the Mojave Desert on the
way to Vegas.
Our first glimpse of Sin City.
Starting to pass The Strip.
The Luxor Pyramid.
Mandalay Bay
The Bellagio, where they filmed the
remake of Ocean's Eleven.
New York New York
The Cannery, a local restaurant and
casino where we spent the evening
dining and gambling.
Susie's back!  We brought along The
Suse Avila Mojo Bag, letting a piece of
her hair blow in the wind next to the van.
Hi Rich Gray!
Thank you Sheila Gray
Sheila, Rich and Ophie.
Tomorrow . . .  
Salt Lake City or bust
Sheila, Rich and me!

The Nitro Tire
Racing For Life Off Road Team