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David Lee Roth

Dancin' The Night Away!
Racing For Life Daily Events
Monday, July 31                    KTM of Temecula / 3 Brothers Racing                          Temecula, CA

Tuesday, August 1                
Dinner at the Cannery                                                   Las Vegas, NV

Wednesday, August 2           
Scleroderma Foundation, Salt Lake City Chapter         Salt Lake City, UT

Thursday, August 3               
Rocky Mountain Rally, Atlantic Bakery                          Denver, CO

Friday, August 4                    
Edgar Winter and the first day of action                       Sturgis, SD

Saturday, August 5                
Alice Cooper and burnouts!                                         Sturgis, SD

Sunday, August 6                  
The Healing Fields / General Craziness                       Sturgis, SD
Sunday, August 6                  
Foreigner and Billy Idol -- Rockin' the Main Stage        Sturgis, SDust

Monday, August 7                 
A Day of Surprises                                                        Sturgis, SD
Monday, August 7                 
George Thorogood and Montgomery Gentry                Sturgis, SD

Tuesday, August 8                
I Do!                                                                              Sturgis, SD
Tuesday, August 8                
Gretchen Wilson and Lynyrd Skynyrd                           Sturgis, SD

Wednesday, August 9           
Long Days, Short Nights                                               Sturgis, SD
Wednesday, August 9           
Blue Oyster Cult and KID ROCK                                   Sturgis, SD

Thursday, August 10             
Memorial Tribute                                                          Sturgis, SD
Thursday, August 10             
Ted Nugent and Joe Walsh                                          Sturgis, SD                        

Friday, August 11                  
TGIF                                                                             Sturgis, SD
Friday, August 11                  
Buckcherry and Alice in Chains                                    Sturgis, SD

Saturday, August 12              
One More Saturday Night                                             Sturgis, SD
Saturday, August 12              
David Lee Roth -- Dancin' The Night Away                   Sturgis, SD  
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Edgar Winter
Alice Cooper punishing his fans!
Foreigner -- a real Juke Box Hero
Billy Idol hot and bothered
Montgomery Gentry
Gretchen Wilson
Lynyrd Skynyrd
Blue Oyster Cult
Ted Nugent
Joe Walsh and The James Gang
George Thorogood and the Destroyers
Alice in Chains