August 11, 2006
Sturgis, South Dakota
Dave Bush being lei'd by Ophie.  
Friday's FAN VIP winner.
Rupert, America's Favorite Survivor
and Jim Filanc, RFL Team Captain
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It's Friday and there's still much to do.  Today we had a photo opportunity with Rupert, America's
favorite Survivor.  Winning $1 million as survivor of Season Three Survivor Guatemala, Rupert has
carried on with his charity, Rupert's Kids, a non-profit organization.  Ruper'ts Kids is dedicated to
giving wayward kids another chance by empowering
youth to discover their inner strengths, realize their
own self worth and their value to society.  
The program is designed to teach valuable job skills
and instill a sense of confidence and self worth that
will lead each of the members of Rupert's Kids towards stable housing, employment and relationships
which, in turn, will help them become independent contributing members of their communities.  Check
out the program at

Some crazy events took place today, including the nude bike slalom race.  A man and woman au
natural competed in a slalom course with proceeds going to a local charity.  Though we cannot
publish these pictures, it was part of the Buffalo Chip Sturgis experience.

It is near the end of our Buffalo Chip week.  We are ending on a high note with Mike Bridge of Rapid
City making the biggest donation to date of $20.00  Thank you, Mike.  Your contribution is going to
help find a cure for scleroderma and help The LiveStrong Program reach more cancer survivors.

Saturday will be our last full day.  We head back to California early Sunday morning, possibly stopping
back in Las Vegas to spend more time with our new friend, Sheila Gray and her husband.

In the meantime, check out the fun sights at The Chip on Friday and friends whose donations make
this fund raising effort possible.
Rupert and Jim vying for the holeshot on
the Jack Daniels deck.
Double arrgh!
Sam Kinison Stage.  Now that's a big
Slalom race.  Women rule!
One of many cool choppers on display.
Lookin' good.  Thank you!
A special thank you to Mike Bridge for
his generous donation to our cause.
David Lee Roth
Dan Lawson Ban

Ophie and Rupert.
FAN VIP Raffle for Alice in Chains and
Buck Cherry.
And the winner is Dave Bush.
Gettin' lei'd at The Chip.
Another one bites the dust.
Gettin' ready for the FAN VIP Lounge.
Need I say more?!
The Green Hornet.
Thank you!
Another supporter signing up to win that
I want that bike!
South chopper beauty.
This tour would not be possible without
Ophie Filanc.  I love you!
Great ceasers ghost.
Yellow thunder!
Thank you!
Enjoy that lei!  Thank you.
We appreciate your help!
Thanks, guys!
Thank you.  A shining nova!
What's that your'e waring!  Thanks,
Your generosity is appreciated.