August 5, 2006
Sturgis, South Dakota
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Well we finally got some sleep, going to bed the night before at 1:30 PM after 21 hours straight of
travel and setting up.  Soooooooo . . . . four hours later, we got up, did some errands around town to
prep the booth, including the required high speed fan (it gets hotter than hell here in the middle of the
day) and lights for night time displays.

The crowds today were bigger than Friday, with visitors to the booth way up.  Everyone was interested
in the restored Husqvarna dirtbike.  It's amazing how many guys remember riding this very bike as a
kid growing up.  A real crowd pleaser.  Tom, our next door vendor neighbor made a point to tell me
that the bike doubles as a chain saw.  Most guys (yeah its a guy thing) don't know Husqvarna dirt
bikes but know chain saws.  Put two and two together.

Today was the first day of our daily raffle for FAN VIP tickets.  Announcements were made over the
daily PA system by Crazy Bob and on the Main Stage by Hank the MC.  When the Main Stage
announcement was made, we were mobbed with visitors to buy the raffle tickets.  Krystal Norton is a
huge Alice Cooper fan and purchased over 20 tickets.  Though we sold about 100 tickets for the first
drawing, she won.  She and her husband received VIP seating above the stage.

The Alice Cooper concert was classic Alice.  Lots of visual effects, scratchy voice and all the Alice
Cooper standards.  Sing-alongs with Billion Dollar Baby and other classics (I can't believe I said
classics) kept the crowd going nuts.  The Grand Finale, naturally, had Alice get decapitated by a
guillotine, his head paraded across the stage and tossed like a football.  Poor Alice (laughing all the
way to the bank).

Check out today's photos!
Hi Stephanie!  She is a Production
Assistant, helping out with backstage
Beer in hand, admiring the Husky.
Party animals!
Lookin' up.  Lookin' good!
Tomorrow . . .  
80's look, 40s! sound.

Alice Cooper on the Buffalo
Chip Main Stage
The friendly Best Buy staff.  Providing
free printing to help the cause.
A Racing For Life fan waiting for the
FAN VIP drawing.
A last minute raffle purchase.  Good luck!
Two Alice Cooper fans purchase raffle
tickets.  Hi guys!
Hard core Alice Cooper fan!  Yeaaaah!
Thank you for your support!
Ophie looks on as another visitor poses
with Mr. Husky.  No that's not a chain saw.
The Charlie Brechtel Band.
One more cool chopper!
And the winner is . . .
hold yer breath!
Krystal Norton and her husband, an
avowed Alice Cooper junkie!
Thanks guys!
N o, that's not a sewing machine!
Where's your beer?!
Smoke from a monster burnout.  The tire
blew up!  Yow, it stinks!
Racing For Life fans standing in the front
row of the Alice Cooper concert.
Here's looking at you, kid.
Alice in full trim!
Alice is telling his fans off . . .
Shadow puppets?  Right!
Rock on, Alice!
Mr. Jumbotron of Alice's talking head.
Alice about to lose his head!
Damn, I want that bike!
Hey, man, it's summer.  Go make some
Thank you!
She can lasso me!
Bottoms up!