August 6, 2006
Sturgis, South Dakota
The Healing Fields
Sturgis, SD
Foreigner at the Chip
The Healing Fields
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Today started out as a special day of remembrance.  The Buffalo Chip, in conjunction with the Patriot Guard Riders
www.patriotguard.org), created the Healing Field.  Located at the entrance of the Buffalo Chip, this is a memorial for
our fallen soldiers since September 11, 2001.  A flag has been placed in the Healing Fields commemorating each
life given in the fight on terrorrism worldwide.  Tribute is also paid to each of the Coalition Countries and their fallen
heroes.  It is a moving experience, not only to witness the flags, but the response from the bikers who tour around
the memorial, honoring their fallen brothers and sisters.  Please visit the Patriot Guard Riders website and support
them in their efforts to recognize those who have made the supreme sacrifice.

Back at the Buffalo Chip party, we got a late start after a thunderstorm passed through, blowing over tents and
thoroughly drenching everything.  Once we got going, the crowds started pouring in.  Entertainment included a
troupe of fire dancing girls, a cowboy shooting at targets in the middle of the crowds, a suprecross motorcycle
jumping exhibition, and naturally, the concerts.  Yes concerts!  There were two headline acts.  Starting with
Foreigner and wrapping with Billy Idol, the Chip rocked for more than four hours.  The crowds went wild, with many
photos unfit to publish.  That's Sturgis.

Our FAN VIP raffle went off as planned.  John Graves won two tickets to both the Foreigner and Billy Idol concerts.  
Doesn't get much better than that.  Also, he got lei'd twice.  Once by Ophie and once on stage by one of the
dancing fire girls.  Lucky bas . . .!

So much happened today, we had to break up Day Seven into two pages.  
Click here to see Foreigner and Billy
A lone rider visiting the Healing Fields.
Tribute to those lost, including Coalition
MIA Memorial.
Tomorrow . . .  
George Thorogood.
One more whiskey!

A quite moment.
Heading into town, it was madness.  
Bikes, bikes everywhere!
And more bikers!
Population 525,000+ this week!
      Under your toes like ants!
Our youngest fan at Sturgis.
Thank you!
Every dollar helps find a cure.
ere's Ophie lei'ing John Graves,
eventual winner of the FAN VIP raffle.
Kilroy's sister.
A last second raffle entry.  Thank you!
I want that bike!
Here we are, in front ol' jack himself.
WHERE'S WALDO?  In the crowd is the
cowboy shooting at things.  Roadkill
Am I cleared for landing?  Gees, I hope
The Illumination Fire Dancers
Yes, these FAN VIP tickets do exist.
And the winner is . . .
John Graves!
Getting out of the rain . . .!
Stayin' alive, . . err dry!
Hi guys!
Doin' whatever it takes!