August 8, 2006
Sturgis, South Dakota
Wedding Vows on Wolfman Jack
Today the sun came out.  The moon came out.  The show went on.  And it still rained. All is good.

The feature event was a wedding on the main Wolfman Jack Stage.  Wedding vows were exchanged,
including a promise by the bride to be to wash her husband's Harley every Saturday.  The motocross
jumpers were back, performing ridiculous aerial stunts.  There was a touching speech and the singing
of the military anthems by Iraq veterans.

The Wolfman Jack Stage featured two hardcore country bands -- Gretchen Wilson and Lynyrd
Skynyrd.  The house was packed to the rafters, with crowds backed up to the edge of the
amphitheater.  Gretchen finished her performance with her CMA award-winning "Redneck Woman."  
Lynyrd performed their standards.  It's just not the same with Ronnie Van Zant.  But it was still great.

During the Gretchen Wilson performance, a full moon rose above the Wolfman Jack Stage. What
should I say, we had a howling good time?  Wahoo!

Toward the end of the Lynyrd Skynyrd performance, clouds formed and rain fell.  Then it really fell,
with rain drops the size of buffalo chips.  By that time most Harleys had fled to higher ground.  And
shots of Jack Daniels continued.  All in all a great day.

Check out the action below.
Thanks, guys!
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Comin' into The Chip
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Kid Rock
Blue Oyster Cult

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