August 2/3, 2006
The Rockies
Denver, Colorado
Altitude Sickness
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After leaving Las Vegas, we headed east on Interstate 15, traveling through Nevada, Arizona and
Utah.  Due to unfortunate circumstances, we had to cancel our planned rally in Salt Lake City.  As a
result, we took a shortcut to Denver via I70.  Filling up with gas at an anonymous gas stop, we headed
east late that evening, not knowing the next services were more than 125 miles away in Green River,
Utah.  Pulling in around 11:30 PM on Wednesday, we were whipped, and turned in.

Six hours later, we headed east again along I70 toward Denver.  The Rocky Mountains were
spectacular, reminding me of some Ansel Adams Sierra photos.  Following along the headwaters of
the Colorado River, we made a pit stop in Parachute, learning we were in for a climb from 5,600 feet
to more than 11,000 feet as we crossed the Continental Divide.  Sometimes slowing down to 20 mph
due to our gutless van towing a 2 1/2 ton trailer, somehow we reached the Johnson Tunnel at the top
in the middle of a thunderstorm.  Semi trailers passed us at more than 70 mph down 6% grades
stretching for miles and miles.

After traveling more than 640 miles, we pulled into Denver to meet the Rocky Mountain Scleroderma
Support Group.  Smiles the size of Colorado greeted us.  One of the nicest bunch of people we have
met this year.  Reminded me of Southern hospitality.

We rolled out the Julia Lynn and the newly restored Husky.  I fired up the Julia Lynn and rode around
the parking lot, drawing attention to our rally next to the Atlantic Bakery. Robert Chavez, the manager
of the restaurant was a truly gracious host allowing us to set up and meet people.  We shared stories
for about an hour and talked about our amazing year long journey.  With stomachs growling we
moved to Chilis down the street so we could enjoy a local beer and ribs.  All in all the evening was
great as we made new friends and talked about the importance of our awareness efforts.

I want to take a moment and make special mention of Cheryl Elmore, the chapter president.  Her spirit
was really inspiring and contagious.  Afflicted with Scleroderma, she has such a positive attitude that I
was in awe.  Her energy by itself was a healing force.  I'm glad I met you, Cheryl.

Also attending the rally were Wendy Elmore, Vernon Sargent, Rita Miller (our gracious host), Elsie
Elmore, Fred Elmore, ArIah Brooks, and Ella Brooks.

Check out our travels below.
Miles of Utah scenery.  I christen thee
Breast Mountain.
Thank you Robert Chavez.
Enjoying drink and food.
Tomorrow . . .  
Opening ceremonies at
The Buffalo Chip

The Nitro Tire
Racing For Life Off Road Team
A spiritual moment . . .
Evening rainfall.
Sunset over the West.
Taking five.
Rafting on the Colorado River.
The Continental Divide at last!
Cool tunnel.
Wendy Elmore helping roll out the Husky.
She's ready to race at Glen Helen!
Thank you Rita Miller for your hospitality!
Ella Brooks, best friend of Rita Miller.
Hi Elsie and Fred Elmore.
Vernon Sargent and Wendy Elmore.  
Group photo!  Duh.
Gotta do that ol' fundraising!
Party on Garth.
Party on Wayne.