August 4, 2006
Sturgis, South Dakota
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Getting up at 4 AM does something to a man.  Well that's what it took to get to The Buffalo Chip by
noon for Opening Ceremonies.  Driving through Sturgis we got a glimpse of  what's to come.  Packed
with Harleys and custom choppers, it took about 1/2 hour to make it three miles.  The price we pay to

We were greeted by Bryan who escorted us to our booth area.  We promptly set up and were amazed
by what Toni Woodruff and her staff have done for us.  Our booth is at the front steps of The Jack
Daniels Bar right in the middle of the party zone, directly across from the Main Stage.  The best booth
in the house.  THANK YOU BRYAN AND TONI!

The first day saw quite a bit of action in the booth.  The restored Husqvarna was a smash hit,
reminding a lot of guys about their motocross youth.

Edgar Winter took center stage tonight.  An amazing performance, capped off by a 20 minute version
of Tobacco Road, in tribute to his brother, the legendary Johnny Winter, the trailblazing blues rocker
and lead guitarist of White Trash.

So check out the action below and stay tuned for tomorrow when we hope to meet up with Alice
Sunrise on I25 north of Denver.
Love that Husky!
Tomorrow . . .  
We're not worthy!

The Nitro Tire
Racing For Life Off Road Team
Now that's a mesa!
Jack Daniel's home.  If y ou believe that,
I've got a bridge . . .
Entering Sturgis.
Early street action..
Line 'em up.
Follow me!
Hello Buffalo Chip!
Unloading in front of the Main Stage.
Jack Daniels Bar, cente
Here we are.
Our first customer.
No, it's not a chain saw.
Nope, it's not a sewing machine.
I'll drink to that!
And the winner is . . .
Bottoms up.
Catch that lounge act!
That's right, it's a restored Husqvarna
250.  A 70's vintage dirt biker racer.
It's mine, mine, I say.  Keep away.
The warm up act to Edgar.
Edgar Winter rockin' the night away
Front row fan watching on.
Jammin' to Frankenstein
An amazing musician, Edgar does it all.  
Plays keyboards, drums, saxophone.
Working the crowd.
His voice is a fine instrument.
The crescendo on frankenstein.
Tobacco Road encore.  Bringing the
house down!
Holy Moses!
'60s psychedelia!
A final burst on the keyboards.
Incendiary lead guitarist.  Johnny would
be proud!