We are able to reach thousands of
people and bring this drive to you with
the support of our fine sponsors!

Nitro Tire is the proud
sponsor of the Racing For
Life Off Road Team
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Welcome To Racing For Life.  We are a group of offroad
enthusiasts who are dedicating 2006 to raising awareness and
charitable donations for the
Scleroderma Foundation and the
Lance Armstrong Foundation. The year is highlighted  by the
RFL team competing in the SCORE Baja 1000, traveling the
entire length of the Baja Peninsula in November.
Please click the foundation logos to donate or volunteer directly on line.  
Engine Failure Just Before Check Point 2
Setback to an Otherwise Incredible Year
La Paz, Baja California. Well, the Racing For Life Off Road Team, 303x, started third in the 30 Pro class in this year's Tecate SCORE Baja 1000,
and made it to the dry lake bed just east of Check Point Two, about 120 miles into the "granddaddy of all offroad races."  Then the engine froze up,
spewing oil all over Gordon Clark, our lead rider from Ensenada.  I reached Gordon Clark by satellite phone about noon on Thursday to learn the
heartbreaking news.  Rob, Anthony, Curt, Joel and I had run our sections and were ready!  In fact, Gordon was ahead of our planned pace, and we
were running fourth in class at the time.  Gearing up for the race for months in advance, we were totally ready.  The plan was good, our chase
drivers, mechanics, pit crews, and spare parts were all in place.  But that's Baja!  

Barely 50% of the field finished, with a record 234 finishers crossing the line.  There was a record 431 entries this year.  Since Dust to Glory came out
two years ago, interest has peaked.  For more information on overall race results, visit
Score International.

It has been nonetheless an incredible year.  The amazing people we met, the places we've been, the things we've seen, have been priceless.
For complete coverage of our race effort, from pre-run planning to the race itself,


So far we have received pledges and additional cash donations totaling more
than $4,000.  We are optimistic that this will exceed $5,000 by the year's end.  
100% of the collected funds will be given to The Scleroderma Foundation and
The Lance   Armstrong Foundation.  We will be listing all donors in the near
future.  Thank you, Rick L. Johnson for your generous donation of $1,000.00.

Please visit our "
DONATE" page to download the pledge form.


SCORE International has invited Racing For Life to auction the
Julia Lynn on December 9 at the Primm Resort and Casino in
Primm, Nevada as part of the annual SCORE
Awards banquet.  
The SCORE series winners and winners of the Baja 1000 will
be featured at the event, culminating a year of hard work and
world-class racing.  We would like to than Sal Fish and SCORE
International for allowing us the privilege of conducting this
special auction where the net proceeds from the sale of
The Julia Lynn will be given to the two charities.

The Julia Lynn has traveled more than 10,000 miles this year
for the two charities -- to Daytona Beach, Sturgis, Baja
California, and numerous appearances throughout California.,
Julia Lynn has spotlighted these two causes to make a difference in people's lives and fund research to find a cure.  It has been a thrilling year
marked by meeting more than 3,000 people personally to talk about the charities.  So now it is time to step up and give back even more.
On October 4, 2005, Julia Lynn Filanc passed away from
scleroderma and lung cancer at the age of 50.  Her brother, Jim,
is the team captain for the Racing For Life Offroad Team.  Julie's
wishes included that donations be made to the
Foundation and the Lance Armstrong Foundation.  Jim has
dedicated 2006 to raising awareness for these two worthy
charities in her name and encouraging everyone to give often.  

"Our race team wants to dedicate this year to her and the
thousands of other people affected by these diseases.  So with
this tour and at every race we take part in this season we want to
teach people about these diseases and raise money to fund
research and outreach programs."
Julia Lynn Filanc
June 17, 1955  -- October 4, 2005
The Julia Lynn
Gordon Clark in Ensenada at start of the Baja 1000
The Julia Lynn was autographed by eleven of
the 16 bands at The Buffalo Chip during the
66th annual Sturgis Bike Rally.  Look closely
above and you will see George Thorogood,
Joe Walsh, Ted Nugent, Gretchen WIlson,
Kid Rock, Foerigner, Buck Cherry,
Montgomery Gentry, Alice Cooper, Blue
Oyster Cult and Alice in Chains.