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Welcome To Racing For Life.  Our year is kicking into
high gear now! We are raising money and awareness for
The Lance Armstrong Foundation, The Scleroderma
Foundation and the Malcolm Smith Motorsports
Foundation for the benefit of the El Oasis Orphanage in
Baja, California.  

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Grand Opening of Exhibit Celebrating 40
Years of The Tecate SCORE Baja 1000
A Huge Success
San Diego Automotive Museum Event Draws
More Than 1,500 to Celebrate with The Men Who Made History
Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 showed up for a night of bench racing, reminiscing, beer.  
The party, starting around 4 PM, grew to standing-room only within minutes in
renewing decades-old friendships, grilled tacos, fresh-made tortillas and Mexican the
beer.  The party, starting around 4 PM, grew to standing-room only within minutes in
the museum, located in historic Balboa Park, home of the world-famous San Diego
Zoo.  Those who made the trek were not disappointed.  Malcolm Smith, JN Roberts,
greeted the public, signing autographs until their arms dropped.
Vic Wilson, Ron Bishop, Ivan “Ironman” Stewart, were among the great legends who
greeted the public, signing autographs until their arms dropped.

Dave Stall, ESPN Radio, AM 800, San Diego, hosted a one hour special remote
broadcast from the floor of the museum, interviewing a lively bench-race session
between Malcolm and Ivan.  Johnny Campbell spent several minutes in the booth,
talking about his upcoming racing plans.  And so it went.  Went well into the evening,
with 352 invitation-only industry VIPs in attendance.  Bob Bower, Executive Director,
Offroad Hall of Fame was there, having “1000 Miles to Glory” autographed by the
legends.  By 6 PM, Totally Offroad Radio, AM 1000 San Diego, started to broadcast
live from the park behind the museum, a cool night setting where the guests enjoyed grilled tacos and prepared-on-the-spot tortillas.  Thank you Jim
Holthus and Pistol Pete.  Pinned TV ( covered the event, capturing numerous interviews and the mood of the evening for an upcoming
½ hour special to air in September on Cox Cable in the San Diego, Las Vegas and Phoenix marketsA big news story unfolded as Malcolm Smith, JN
Roberts and Jim Filanc stood in front of a 1967 Husqvarna and a 2007 Husqvarna to announce plans to race in this year’s Tecate SCORE Baja 1000.  
Malcolm Smith will lead off the race and represent the Malcolm Smith Motorsports / Sunstar Racing For Life Offroad Team in the festivities in Tijuana and
Ensenada on November 10 and 11, 2007.

Several other evening highlights included the autographing by the legends of the beautifully restored Husqvarna 360 to the condition as raced by Malcolm
Smith and JN Roberts in that first race 40 years ago.  This pristine restoration, along with the 2007 Husqvarna that will be ridden by Malcolm and JN in this
year’s race, will be auctioned in December with the proceeds to benefit The Malcolm Smith Motorsports Foundation, The Scleroderma Foundation and
The Lance Armstrong Foundation.  Another highlight was a special presentation by Daniel Ixcot, Hogar de Ninos, El Oasis, of a commendation award to
Sal Fish, Malcolm Smith and Jim Filanc for their contributions to the sport of offroading and the children’s orphanage.

Oscar Ramos, SCORE Mexican Relations and Legal Counsel, represented SCORE at the event, offering words of support on behalf of SCORE and Sal
Fish, who was unable to attend the event.  Sal was in Berlin, Germany working with the official vehicle sponsor of the Tecate SCORE Baja 1000,
Volkswagon of America.

Larry Roeseler was late in arriving.  Traveling non-stop from Utah where he had been preparing for an upcoming race, Larry made it in time for tacos,
interviews and photos with the group.  Larry could have taken it easy, but was determined to be here with his lifelong friends.  Thank you, Larry!  In
addition, we want to thank other overall winners, Rod Hall, Mark Stahl and Marty Smith for calling in or being interviewed in advance to support this historic

The evening was capped by a group shot of the men who made history.  Though some of the legends left a bit early (they are getting up in age, you
know), nearly 30 stayed around to bench race until the museum staff just wore out from exhaustion.  Surrounding the 1967 Husqvarna and the 2007
Husqvarna, the photo captured this moment for the ages.
Notable Quotes

A once in a lifetime event.  I saw men I haven’t seen for years.  It
was just a great evening.
Steve Sourapas, Two-time Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 Overall

A great deal!  I hadn’t seen some of these guys, like Gary
Preston, in years!”
Ron Bishop, Hall of Fame, 39-Time Entrant and Multiple
class wins.

The event was absolutely mindblowing. To meet so many heroes
in one evening is just incredible. Thanks for having us along. Will
be great on Pinned!
Mike Badami, Executive Producer, Pinned TV

What a great show! I saw people I hadn't seen in years, you really
over did yourself. Putting on events like this require a tremendous
amount of effort and you made it work great.
Vic Wilson, Hall of Fame, Baja 1000 Winner

An incredible event.  Great attendance. The response of the
people and quality of the people speaks highly of the effort.
Oscar Ramos, SCORE International

I had a great time.  It turned out much better than I ever expected.
Malcolm Smith

I’ve been to a thousand of these events.  But this one I’ll never
forget.  It was great!  You guys outdid yourself!
JN Roberts

I did not know what to expect but we were very impressed…you
guys did a great job!
Mitch Mayes, 2-time Baja 1000 Champ

When you look at the huge turnout at the exhibit opening, El
Oasis is so blessed to have such great support of the off road
Daniel Ixcot, El Oasis

You hit a grand slam with this event!
John Lefevre, Vintage Husky

Pretty momentous to have so many Baja 1000 winners in one
place at one time!
Greg Bringle, 1997 Baja 1000 champ

Fantastic.  Just a good opportunity to chat with people I haven’t
seen in years!  I really enjoyed it.
Bob Ham, Hall of Fame

It was great to see the oldtimers together.  A really great event.
Mark McMillin, 5x Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 WInner

“It was a great event.  It took a lot of hard work.  It was fun to be a
part of it.”
Ivan Stewart

Long overdue.  The San Diego community should
embrace the offroad community, past, present, future.
Dave  Stall, ESPN Radio AM 800