We are able to reach thousands of
people and bring this drive to you with
the support of our fine sponsors!

Nitro Tire is the proud
sponsor of the Racing For
Life Off Road Team
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Welcome To Racing For Life.  We are a group of offroad
enthusiasts who are dedicating 2006 to raising awareness and
charitable donations for the
Scleroderma Foundation and the
Lance Armstrong Foundation. The year is highlighted  by the
RFL team competing in the SCORE Baja 1000, traveling the
entire length of the Baja Peninsula in November.
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donate or volunteer directly on line.  
Day Seven Doubleheader --
Foreigner and Billy Idol!
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Tribute to America's Heroes!
66th Annual
Sturgis Motorcycle
Rally 2006
Sturgis, South Dakota
August 7-13 2006
On October 4, 2005, Julia Lynn Filanc passed away from
scleroderma and lung cancer at the age of 50.  Her brother,
Jim, is the team captain for the Racing For Life Offroad
Team.  Julie's wishes included that donations be made to the
Scleroderma Foundation and the Lance Armstrong
Foundation.  Jim has dedicated 2006 to raising awareness
for these two worthy charities in her name and encouraging
everyone to give often.  

"Our race team wants to dedicate this year to her and the
thousands of other people affected by these diseases.  So
with this tour and at every race we take part in this season
we want to teach people about these diseases and raise
money to fund research and outreach programs."
The Julia Lynn
See The Julia Lynn at the rallies across the
U.S.  Financing and bike preparation courtesy
KTM USA and 3 Brothers Racing.
Julia Lynn Filanc
June 17, 1955  -- October 4, 2005
Tecate SCORE Baja 1000
November 15-18, 2006


Today was a huge day.  Two great concerts.  More burnouts.  Cowboy shootouts.  Fire twirlers.  Motorcycle jumps!  A
pickle licking contest.  And more.  A key event was a four hour memorial service to our fallen soldiers who have made the
supreme sacrifice for freedom since September 11, 2001.  The Healing Fields, located at the entrance to the Buffalo Chip,
contins one flag for each fallen soldier.  A truly touching event.

We went into town for some provisions, only to discover what all Sturgis bikers know . . . downtown is bedlam.  Thousands
of bikers were arriving, jamming the streets for miles.  Fortunately, a hitchhiker showed me a map around the mayhem, and
I got back to The Chip in about 20 minutes.

There was lots to see today -- from the Illumination Dancing Troupe (fire twirlers) to jumping motorcycles to pickle licking
contests.  A storm passed through, drenching us for a few hours.  But that did not dampen anyone's spirits.  People are
here to party.

The Daily FAN VIP Raffle

Well we've given away FAN VIP tickets to Krystal Norton to Alice Cooper and John Graves to Foreigner/Billy Idol.  As ticket
sales continue to climb, we have more tickets to give away.  On Saturday will be a grand finale when we will give away
hundreds of dollars in prizes to lots of lucky winners.

The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is one of, if not ‘the’ largest gatherings of motorcycle enthusiasts in the world. The Rally
occurs every August in the Black Hills of South Dakota, home to Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse National Memorial and Devil’
s Tower Monument to name a few of the area’s most recognized ‘icons’. The 2006 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, August 7th –
13th, celebrates the 66th year of the event that has become known to motorcycle enthusiasts throughout the world as the
“Granddaddy of ‘em all”.

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