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Age: 41
Weight: 165 lbs
Bike Ride: KTM 530
The bike was given to me by Jerry, at around 4 pm on
Wednesday.  It was running a little rough but it seemed to
clear up at speed. I had some problems with not enough
power to run both lights, so I ran one light in the tech stuff
"slower speed" and both lights when I would out run the
first light.   You had be careful not to stall her in the silt,
or she was a little rough to get started!!   OH . . .  and let’s
just say the suspension was broken in by the time I got the
bike… no rebound dampening in the front forks so it was
clattering a lot for my 250 plus miles!  However the rear
was beyond plush...HA HA HA HA HA.  

I handed the Julia Lynn II off to Jim at before 10 pm  that
night, and off he went.  However I think he had issues.  I
had a few messages on my home phone that he was
stranded at RM 1180.  I I never received a sat phone
call.  BUT I see we finished!!  We will all have to get
together to tell each of our sections tales!!