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Age: 48
Weight: 250 lbs
Bike Ride: Yamaha YZ 450f
I left Alpine at 4 AM to pick up my chase driver in
Poway on November 10 to pre-run my section, San
Ignacio to Loreto. I met up with Baja Husky team at the
border to drive down safely. My chase driver was Ray
Schooley. I was also with Joey Lane's chase driver,
Austin. We headed south to San Ignacio for pre-running
the next day. On the way we had to pick up a bike outside
of Catavina for Eric Hingeley, a Baja Husky teammate.  
We pulled into San Ignacio around 8:30 PM at Ingacio
Springs, a hangout that Dick Hanson told me about. What
a great place!! We met up with Eric and his girlfriend, ate
dinner, and went to bed.  
We got up to pre-run and had a great ride. Stopped in San Juanico for lunch and some great tacos and beers. Back
on the course, we finished pre-running just north of Loreto. That night I met up with Les Walker and his chase team to do
some bench racing with the other teams in Loreto. Next morning went back north to finish pre-running my section and
check the silt beds, then returned to San Ignacio for the night.  

On race day we had all day to rest and wait for the bike hoping it would make it to me around 11:00 PM. The first bike
made it about 8:00 PM. I started to get ready after the first bike, as the plan was to change rider at Baja Pits and it was on
the other side of town. A local policia gave me a ride in his car (back seat). Unfortunately the bike did not show up until
9:00 AM. It was a LONG night in the pits but, met some great people and gassed up.  Travis Pastrana and talked with
Greg Godfrey.  They were both riding iron man in the race.  How COOL!!!  I tired to sleep but, it was tough, trophy trucks
passing by and wrapping myself up in a blue tarp like a burrito on the ground.  

Finally the bike showed up and it was time to RIDE!  I had a good time passing a lot of slow bikes, cars, and Baja
challenge buggys.  No problems, got the bike to Les Walker in Loreto and it was time to relax!!  We headed for Cabo and
met up with Eric and Michelle from Baja Huskys to hear the problems they had. About 11:00 PM went out for the
nightlife.  We didn't see any of the teammates but, did see alot of friends.  Good Times in Baja.

Thanks to Jim and all the teammates!    

Jerry Jones