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Age: 66
Weight: 160 lbs
Bike Ride: Yamaha YZ 250
JN arrived late.  Having spent the night at Estero
Beach, south of Ensenada, with his son Jimmy, JN was
nowhere to be found in Ensenada by his chase driver,
Rob Mendenhall.  After a few tense moments, JN arrived
just as Malcolm was getting off the Julia Lynn II.  
No backup plan was needed, and JN jumped on the bike, short seat and all.  JN arrived in Ojos
Negros, to be greeted by his chase driver, the Racing For Life helicopter and lots of cameras.  He was
whisked away down course to Santo Domingo to catch up with his other team, 601X, The “Redefining What’
s Possible” team, or the not-so-over-the-hill gang!