DAY Twelve
August 12, 2006
Sturgis, South Dakota
Jim Filanc updating the website
at the Sahara Casino,
Las Vegas, Nevada
Damon Woodruff, Jim
Filanc and Rod Woodruff
saying goodbye.
One More Saturday Night!
All good things must come to and end.  So it is with The Buffalo Chip and Sturgis 2006.  But what a
way to go!  We said our goodbyes to our new friends, met new contributors to our charities,
conducted the big raffle as promised, and started planning for next year.

Our week would not be complete without a lost package.  One of our sponsors, Tucker Rocky, sent a
package via UPS.  It was delivered to the front shipping area, sent to Toni, handed off to Bryan, who
in turn stuck it under our table, but forgot to mention it.  I was waiting all week for it to arrive so we
could give away additional gifts at our final raffle at the Miller Lite Stage.  After two days of back
tracking, by deduction, I figured it must be under the table, looked and found it there.  It looked exactly
like all the other boxes of supplies we stored in the same place.  No harm, no foul.  Just an interesting
side journey, racing for get the final FAN VIP Raffle underway.

Thank you, Carol, Woody, Kevin, and especially, Toni.  You really made our stay an incredible
experience.  With all the mayhem and intensity facing you this week, you did a magnificent job of
keeping the show rolling.  You are truly a special lady.  Rod, thank you for all your support and
leadership in keeping the ship pointed in the right direction

Check out the pictures of the daily events below.  Concert pictures are on their separate page, as
Carol Woodruff and Jim Filanc.
Rod Woodruff, Andy and Jim Filanc.
Andy won this guitar at Rupert's auction.
All th bands signed the guitar.
Damon Woodruff, Jim Filanc and Rod
Woodruff.  One final goodbye at the RFL
That's it for The Buffalo
Chip and Sturgis Bike
Rally 2006!

See ya' there next year!

Rod and Jim
Toni and Andy
Toni, Andy and Rod.
Thank you, Toni!  You're a very special
Thank you, Rod for a great party!
Jim, Rupert and Jodi Flannery.  Jodi is
with Orange County Choppers of
American Chopper.
Chief of Security.
Goodbye to our neighbor!
Our final FAN VIP winner.
Final raffle underway.
Love that jacket!
THese are mine!
What's that helmet on yer head?!.
In the VIP section, keepin' it in the
Another cool chopper.
Thank you for your support!
Catching their breath!
Beam me up, Scotty!
Thank you!
The Chip Sunday morning.
Tom, Shaun and friends.  Our neighbors
at The Chip.  You guys are great!
Loading up.
Jim posting to the web one final time.
Sleeping it off.
A view from our penthouse suite at the
Sahara, Las Vegas.
Very nice!
Thank you, Shawnena Lincoln, Assistant
Hotel Manager!  Her hospitality at The
Sahara was phenomenal!