Susie Avila
Returns Home
Encinitas, California
Moonlight Beach
1:00 P.M., April 2, 2006
Susie Avila finishing her 5,000 mile
trek across the United States.  Pacific
Ocean on the left and Atlantic
Ocean on the right.
The Julia Lynn
On April 2, 2006 Susie Avila completed her coast to coast to coast journey spanning 5,000
miles, arriving for a 1 PM ceremony at Moonlight Beach in Encinitas, California.  Her family was
present to witness the final release of hair on beach bluffs and a seaside ceremony where a
locket of her hair was placed in a special vial of Pacific Ocean water.  This ceremony was
originally held on the Atlantic Ocean at Daytona Beach a few weeks earlier.

Susie Avila passed away from Scleroderma on January 30, 2006.  This tribute tour, featuring
Susie riding with Jim Filanc on The Julia Lynn, was completed at the request of her family.  
Susie always wanted to ride a motorcycle but was unable due to complications from
Scleroderma.  Albert Avila, her brother, presented Jim a mojo bag with her hair at the first rally
in Temecula, California on February 26 at the first rally commencing the naationwide Daytona
Bike Week tour.  Jim released a snippet of hair at each rally destination and at Daytona Beach
in honor of this request.  So Susie was able to take that final bike ride across the U.S. with the
RFL team after all, fulfilling her dream of riding a motorcycle!

Those present included Albert Avila, Mrs. Avila, Susies mother; Susie's daughter, Felicia;
Robert and Mollie Avila and their three children, two  year old Yazmine, eight year old Susie
and 6 year old Esmerelda; Taylor Rae Avila, Susie's neice; Carmen Avila, Susie's sister and
her daughter Vanessa; Roxy, Susie's neice.

In a future tribute to Susie, we will be publishing highlights of Susie's life, including photos from
childhood through 2005.  So check out the photos below of this special day honoring Susie
Unloading The Julia Lynn at
Moonlight Beach.
Albert Avila and family on the bluffs
of Moonlight Beach
Down on the beach . . .
. . .  preparing to gather the ocean.
The family looking on as Jim says a
few words in Susie's memory.
Starting to get wet . . .
Ooh that's cold!
Susie and the Pacific Ocean are one.
Two vials ready to present to Albert
and Mrs. Avila.
Back on the shore.
Presenting the matched sets.
Albert, Jim and Mrs. Avila.
A special moment.
Susie Avila and the Pacific Ocean
(left) and Atlantic Ocean (right).  A
5,000 mile journey complete.
Hello Albert!
Three generations present . . .
. . . along for the moment . . .
. . . how cute!
Ophie helped too!
Mrs. Avila and Ophie sharing a
Ophie and Jim on the beach.
Susie's daughter, Felicia Bermudez.
A rolling tribute to Susie.
Hello there!
Albert Avila and his extended family.  
We love you!