Tucson, Arizona
Wal-Mart La Cholla
4:00 P.M., February 28, 2006
First full day on the road.  We hit the road at 4:30 AM and headed east on Interstate
10.  465 miles today.  On the road we met up with our old friends, Tim and Peggy
Cartier at the Claim Jumper in Mesa, Arizona.  Peggy is a cancer survivor.  The road
had a few surprises.  Check out our progress below and meet the Tucson
Scleroderma Foundation local chapter.
Passin' through Phoenix
around noon.
Heading east on Interstate 10
in Arizona.  The rain finally
slowed down.
Topping off the tank in Indio
after a huge downpour.  Must
have been about 1" in the first
two hours.  
Tim and Peggy Cartier caught
up with Jim and Ophie in Mesa,
Arizona for lunch.
The rally in Tucson gets started.
How about a bottle of Jack
Daniels . . . err . . . a case or
two?  The things we run into on
the road.  It just o goes to show
you, it's always something!
Jim Filanc,  RFL team captain,
explains what the purpose of the
fundraising tour is about.