El Paso, Texas
Album Park
1:00 P.M., March 1, 2006
Day Three on the Tour had Ophie and me up bright and early as we had to travel
more than 340 miles before the 1:00 PM rally.  We were up late last night updating
the website for the Tucson Rally just hours before.  We "raced for life" to get to Album
Park on time, arriving with a whopping one minute to spare!  Whew!

We were pleasantly surprised to find Councilman Ortega in attendance.  He
presented a letter on behalf of the El Paso Mayor John F. Cook to the Racing For
Life Team.  We thanked him on behalf of the El Paso Chapter of the Scleroderma
Foundation who made this event possible.

The media showed up helping us reach a broader audience.  El Diario covered the
event in newsprint while KFOX Channel 8 covered the event for television.

Later that evening we had the opportunity to be interviewed by ABC KMID Channel
10 of Midland, Texas and NBC NewsWest Channel 9, also of Midland, Texas.
Both interviews ran on the 10 PM news.  Jim released a pinch of Susie Avila's hair
while riding The Julia Lynn at both interviews to commemorate Susie's life.

Check out the photos below of our day on the road.
Councilman Ortega presenting
a letter from the mayor to The
Racing For Life Team.
On the road again . . . hmm,
that sounds like a song . . .
The group poses for photos in
front of the RFL van.
The KFOX Channel 8 News
camera covering the event.
We had a nice turnout.  The El
Paso group listened in as Jim
explained the goals of the RFL
Team for the year.
Sunset entering Odessa, Texas.
We enter Odessa just in time
for two local TV interviews.
Say hello to John Laws,
Reporter, and Michael
Miranda, Cameraman, ABC
KMID Channel 2 News.