March 11, 2006

Daytona Beach
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Well Saturday was the last day of meeting new friends at the booth.  Tomorrow we pack
up and head back for California.  Saturday was the biggest day of Bike Week.  The
crowds were huge.  We arrived promptly at 10 AM to be greeted by members of the local
Halifax Scleroderma Support Group, Dottie Keene and Ruth Harding.  Bearing gifts of
strawberries and a Florida t-shirt, they spent several hours with us and the public.  We
shared a special moment letting a lock of Susie's hair go on The Boardwalk.

I took a few extra moments as well.  First I walked out to the end of the Daytona Beach
Pier and released a lock of Susie's hair into the wind, the farthest east Susie and I had
traveled since leaving Temecula.  Then, at two PM, two of our new supporters, Justin
Fleisch and Mike Fillion, honored us by assisting with filming the gathering of Atlantic
Ocean water in two vials and placing Susie's hair in the vials.  This symbolized the
completion of our trek east.  As we head west, we will release Susie's hair at each stop
again.  Upon arriving home, we will have a special ceremony on the Pacific Ocean and
repeat this ceremony.  A matching set of East-West vials of Susie's hair will then be
presented to Susie's brother, Albert Avila, and her mother, Mrs. Avila, signifying Susie
completing her coast-to-coast-to-coast trip on The Julia Lynn.

So follow along and check out the great people we met on Saturday.
Double your pleasure, double your
fun.  It's Eddie (orange stripe) and
Freddie (hat).
Jim and Ophie at the booth at 10 AM.
The Scleroderma Halifax support
group bearing gifts. Strawberrylicious!
 Please send your names.
Hello Ruth, Ophie and Dottie!
Jim and Ophie at the booth at 10 AM.
The Scleroderma Halifax support
group bearing gifts. Strawberrylicious!
 Please send your names.
Randy Renwick and his buddy.  Hi
Thank you Eric Landau, all the way
from Ft. Schenectady, New York.
Allesandro Colle and his wife, with
friends from Italy.  How that's a long
way from home!
Hello Kim and Curtis Lopez!
Thank you Kay Elkins, Rogersville,
Mike Preslar, Drew Humston, David
Evans and Tony Doone, thank you!  
Mike's sister, Debbie, is living with
David Dillard and Homer French, of
Austin Texas.
Struttin' yer stuff, eh, Homer??!!
Thank you Richard and Maggie
Phillips, Gainesville, Florida.
All the way east, Jim let's a lock of
Susie's hair blow into the Atlantic
Thank you for taking Susie's picture!
Looking north on the Daytona Beach
skyline.  Just another day in paradise.
The pier staff gave us a free pass to
take the pictures.  Thank you!
Julie Lee and Christine Lee,
Kissimmee, Florida.  Thank you for
your support!
Two very special people, Mike Fillion
and Justin Fleisch.  They helped at
water's edge capturing Jim placing
Susie's hair in two vials of Atlantic
Ocean water for posterity.  Thank you!
Heeeeerrrrs Susie!
Mike and Justing sharing in the
Keith Curtis and Justin Bradt,
Orlando, Florida.  Thank you!
Jeff and Steve Miller, Monteca,
Califonia.  Steve is a kidney cancer
survivor.  Way to go, boys!
What the heck is that???!!!
Looking down Main Street from the
Daytona Beach Pier Jail.  Just
kidding!  But it is Main Street.
The history of the early days of
Daytona Beach racing and NASCAR
can be found along The Boardwalk.
Our booth through the crowds.
Thank you the Bonner family,
Brebard County, Florida.
Thank you, Phil Risto!  All the way
from Ottawa, Canada.
Great meeting you and talking Cajun
food, Carl LeBlanc, Houma,
Hello Alexis Leal and Angela Leal,
Daytona, Florida.  Thank you.
Left to right -- dean DeLong, Codi
DeLong, kathlyn Samec and Robin
DeLong.  Thank you all!
Johnny Miyakawa and Kayla Rabel,
Thank you!  Did we spell your name
right Johnny?
Stevie, Michael and Margaret
Chshman, thank you!
Stevie is taking a break in the action!