March 8, 2006

Daytona Beach
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Another great day under our belt.  We set up the Racing For Life Booth on The
Boardwalk and got started in earnest.  We met some amazing people including Jo Ann
and Tim Bokenkamp, from the Scleroderma Support Group of Tampa, Florida.  She is
going to join us at the booth later this week to talk to visitors to our booth.

Today we saw more amazing things, some not fit to print.  The best pictures are shown
below.  As I was traveling back to our Red Carpet room, I saw a  with a ZZ Top beard and
could not resist taking a picture.  This inspired me to take pictures of other great beards.  
So check out the pictures and see these hairy guys and a lot more!
Breakfast on the beach.  Ophie is
lookin' gooood!
Brian's morning coffee.
Setting up the booth.  Getting ready
for the crowds.
Hi guys!  Drop me an e-mail and I will
update the caption!
John, manager of the Mardi Gras Fun
Center.  Thank you John!
99 bottles of beer on the wall.  Keep
it flowing!  
Ophie manning the booth.
Two new RFL supporters, Michelle
and Emily Mathason, all the way
from Pennsylvania.  Go girls!
Girls just wanna have fun!
Thanks for your support.  We love our
new friends!  Write me so we can
update the photo with your names!
Getting some early afternoon sun.
Now that's using your head!  The shirt
says it all.
ZZ Top's granddaddy showed up.  
NOT.  But it's a really cool beard
What the heck is that III?
A bearded biker with attitude.
Entrance to the fun zone.
More hair.  Holding hands on Main
Cool beards everywhere.  Love that
Beards on The Boardwalk.
Lookin' good.  Arf.
Thanks for your support!  Write me
with your name so I can update the
Sharing stories.
Jo Ann and Tim Bokenkamp.  Jo Ann
is a Scleroderma Tampa Chapter
Hi John Crandall.  Thanks for your
support.  A great braided beard.
Strands of gray.  If the bride of
Frankenstein had a biker buddy . . .
A Dodge Viper putting out 515
horsepower.  YEOWWW!
Hey chromedome.
Now that's relaxing.
Ooh la la II.
Another great beard.  Hi guys!
Hello Sundown!
Tomorrow is the first day of really big crowds.  Stay tuned . . .
John Rock 'n Ride in front of his shop
on Main Street.  Hi John.