March 15, 2006

California, here we come!
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Today is "California here I come!"  Our final day on the road home.  Leaving from Las Cruces,
New Mexico, we have a tall order to get home safe.  Facing more than 700 miles of travel, we
started off on a down note as our van broke down in the breakfast parking lot, delaying our
start by more than two hours.  As it turned out the ignition switch broke, causing us to jump
start the van each time we stopped.  Oh well.  We got home safe anyway.  

Along the way we saw one more crazy thing -- The Thing sign.  A final tribute to the "What the
heck is that thing" series you may have followed in our 17 day trek.  Existing about five miles
west of the Continental Divide, I captured this picture from the van while traveling at 60 miles
per hour.

One more tribute stop to Susie in front of a Saguaro cactus, a symbol of the far west.  In a few
weeks we will have a final ceremony with Albert Avila and his family to commemorate our
nationwide trek along the shore of the Pacific Ocean and placing one more lock of hair in a vial
of Pacific Ocean water.  This will complete Susie's trek with us from Coast to Coast to Coast.  
Stay tuned for more about this event.
Starting off the day repairing the van.
At least the repair place was just
across the street from the restaurant.
Headin' west . . .
A mining operation somewhere in the
middle of nowhere.
What do you think this looks like?
What the heck is that THING???
Ophie getting some snacks on the
road home.
A bush.  Duh!
This nice lady let us get the picture
of Susie' hair in front of the Saguaro
A final sunset . . .
. . .  on the road home . . .
Susie and Jim out west.
. . . going, going,  . . .
. . . gone!!!
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Twilight in Arizona.
On e final moon.  Well that does it.  
We have completed our Daytona
beach Bike Week Tour.
With the first leg of our year of awareness and fund raising behind us for The Scleroderma
Foundation and The Lance Armstrong Foundation, we are starting to plan our next adventure.  
We start training in earnest later this month for the Baja 1000.  We will post our training
adventures and other highlights throughout the year.  Continue to follow along.  You won't be
Next up -- the final leg of Susie's Coast to Coast to Coast journey with
Jim and the Julia Lynn.