March 5, 2006
Florida Panhandle

Daytona Beach
6:00 P.M.
Well, we've finally arrived!  A long day's journey across the Florida Panhandle.  
And not a moment too soon.  Though beat from a week long journey across the
United States, when we saw all the bikes pouring into Daytona Beach, we started
to gather a second wind.  

We started the trip without a place to stay in Daytona.  Knowing that everything
would be fully booked, we went on line and tried our luck with a few motels along
the beach.  To our amazement, we found a place about 3 miles from Main Street
with an available room.  We are only 20 feet from the sands of Daytona Beach.

Amazingly we found out we can ride The Julia Lynn on the Beach.  Later this week
we will have a special ceremony when we will photograph Susie's hair blowing in
the wind from The Julia Lynn.  And gather two vials of Atlantic Ocean salt water to
return to Susie's brother, Albert, and mother, Mrs. Avila.

The management of the Red Carpet Motel has been truly nice, giving us a great
room and introducing us to their long time guests who come back year after year.  
We're right at home!
Some early action.
Hello Daytona Beach!
Our neighbor in Room 126
admiring The Julia Lynn.