March 12, 2006

Overnight: Hammond, Louisiana
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All good things must come to an end.  Well, we packed our bags and left Sunday morning for
our return 2,455 mile trek back to Temecula, California.  Tonight we will make Louisiana so we
can arrive in Houston on Monday for a meeting the the Scleroderma Registry folks and learn
more about the advanced research that is being conducted by the University of Houston
School of Medicine.

It took a few hours to pack and get the website posted before we left.  The computer was out of
power so we went to Starbucks and logged onto T-Mobile wireless.  This mixup cost us about
an hour, but all was okay as we beat the major tidal wave of Bike Week bikers escaping
Daytona.  As you see in the pictures the streets were pretty empty when we got out of Dodge.

All in all it was a pretty incredible week.  The people were fantastic.  The sights spectacular.  
The city beautiful.  The weather to die for.  Special thanks to Brian and Joanne at the Red
Carpet for making our life pleasant and us feeling right at home.  And another special thanks
to Jill Jacquet and Helen Riger from Daytona Beach Cultural Services Division for inviting us to
spend time in their beautiful city and set up our booth.

The photo count is down as I was busy driving.  But some pretty interesting ones captured in
any event.  Check 'em out.
Bye bye, Joanne and Brian.  Thank
you for everything!
Hi Wanda!  Bye Wanda!
Our final goodbyes to the guys.
Ophie getting in the van after we
finished packing.
Our getaway looks clear from here!
We finish posting today's results at the
local Starbucks.  Hello Robert,
Janice, Joe and Bill.
Leaving from Ormond Beach north of
Daytona Beach.
They escaped by bike  . . .
. . . and trailer.
Some just plain ecaped!
What the heck is that, anyway???!!!
Don't look now but its about to pass
you again!
Tomorrow . . .  Houston!
The mighty Alasbama.  This
battleship fought in every major WWII
battle and escaped without injusry.
Filling up just outside Mobile.