March 3, 2006

Houston, Texas
Finish Strong Sports
11:00 A.M.

Baton Rouge
Las Palmas Restaurant
5:43 P.M.
Joe Anselmo trying out
The Julia Lynn
Today started out with Ophie and me finally getting a chance to sleep in -- 7 A.M.!
Today's stops included Houston, Texas and Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  

On the road by 7:45 A.M., we left Austin, only to head down the wrong way on I35.  
After turning around in rush hour traffic (15 minutes gone by), we headed east
Texas Highway 71.  The night before we had a wonderful and authentic Vietnamese
meal courtesy of Cao (pronounced KOW) and his family at their Vietnamese Family
Restaurant.  He told us to take Highway 71 to I10 East.  Later we found out this
saved us about one hour.  

We arrived in Houston about 15 minutes early to be greeted by Rose Terrato, our
prime Houston contact in front of Finish Strong Sports.  Soon the crowd started to
gather.  All in all about 18-20 people attended.  We talked about common
experiences.  Ophie and I were invited by Marilyn Perry, Coordinator for the
Scleroderma Registry and DNA Repository, University of Texas, to take a tour of
their research facility and learn about the discoveries and advances in treatment.  
We committed to stopping for a visit on our return trip on March 15.  Scatay tuned
for this episode!

The Houston Scleroderma family and friends were really wonderful.  We were
presented a set of special calculators by Linda Pecot, Texas Bluebonnet Chapter
President, for the entire RFL team, courtesy of her husband, Joe Pecot, Director and
Advocacy Chairperson, Texas Bluebonnet Chapter.
We met Ken Sanders on the road
to Houston.  Thank you Ken!
One more stop on the tour!
Hello Houston!
Getting ready for the rally!
Ophie at the makeshift booth.  Go
Rose and friends at the rally.
Our Houston friends gathered
round for a special moment.
Keeping track of the people we
Houston turns out for the rally.
Shannon Abert living with
Talking about RFL awareness
Linda Pecot presenting a special
gift to RFL Captan, Jim Filanc, on
behalf of the entire  team.
University of Texas scleroderma
registry research leadership.
Texas Blueshipbonnet and UT
Admiring The Julia Lynn.
Getting ready to honor Susie.
Susie Avila and Houston are
forever linked!
Stuck in rush hour.  No wonder we
were late!
Crossing the mighty Mississippi.
Hello Baton Rouge!
We were treated to a dinner rally.  
Thank you!
Let the good times roll!
Hi Manuel Walters!
From left to right -- Jim Filanc, Del
Anselmo, Michelle Anselmo,
Ophie Filanc
Party on Jeff.
Julia Lynn keeping Joe in line.
A bit of ceremony to cap off a
great evening together.
Our Baton Rouge friends gathered
round The Julia Lynn.
Another group photo!  Thank you
Joe getting ready to race the Baja
1000.  NOT.
Susie making it to Baton Rouge.