March 6, 2006

Daytona Beach
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We've finally settled in, if you can really settle in at Bike Week.  Ophie and I picked up
our permit at City Hall, scouted out the best escape routes around the city, and figured
out where we are going to set up the booth for the remainder of the week.

What an amazing place.  The crowds haven't even started yet, and we still can't get
around without running into thousands of bikes -- choppers, harleys, hondas, trikes --
everything you can image can be seen on the streets of Daytona Beach.

As was the case the day we arrived, everyone has been really nice.  Brian, the day
manager at the Red Carpet is watching out for us and our property.  In fact all of our
neighbors are looking out for each other.

Today was a truly beautiful day, hovering in the low 80s with light winds.  I took the day
to make last minute arrangements, including brochure printing, meeting the businesses
where we will be setting up shop this week, etc.  We are looking to have a great time
talking about work of the Scleroderma Foundation and the Lance Armstrong
Foundation.  Julia Lynn would be proud!

Anyway, check out the great people we met yesterday and things we saw.  I'm trying
something new today -- digital video.  If it works, we'll post some more tomorrow.
Breakfast at Denny's.
Bob and Ophie.  He earned a
bIg tip!
We lost your name.  Write us so
we can update the web page.
Showing off your cool bike!
Dave hangin' out drinking
coffee.  He's watching us drink
There's the coffee! Hi Billy and
Paula Eatman, City Hall
employee, helping us find our
Joe Alescio on the phone to
Jill Jaquet, our city hall
You Know Who in front of city
Biker action starting to heat up.
Corner of Main Street.  This
chopper has a Chevy V8 in it.  
Sean and his girlfriend on their
beautiful saddlebag bike.  All
the way from Canada!
Bob and Boardwalk Joe.
Home away from home.  The
Red Carpet Inn.  Andre, see
the free advertising.
This contraption on
the Boardrwalk lets
you fall from bungee
cords about 150
through air.  Yeowww!
Tomorrow, lots of biker action on Main