Jim Filanc, Team Captain of The Nitro Tire Racing For Life Off Road
Team,a nd his wife, Ofelia have started off the year of awareness building
and fund raising by traveling from Temecula, California to Daytona Beach
to attend Bike Week 2006.  Bike Week is the world's largest bike rally with
hundreds of thousands of bikers and enthusiasts converge from across the
nation to check out the latest custom bike creations, being seen, partying
and generally having a great time.  Follow along as we travel to Daytona
Beach and attend rallies at cities along Interstate 10.  Our itinerary is
shown below.  Click on a date to see a photo journal of that day's events.  
Travel with us by visiting the site each day to see who we met, the places
we've been, and the crazy things we do to keep ourselves out of trouble.
Bike Week
Daytona Beach, Florida
March 3-12 2006

Day One        1:00 PM, February 27                Temecula, California        KTM of Temecula

Day Two        12 Noon, February 28                Phoenix, Arizona              Claim Jumper, Mesa, Arizona

Day Two        4:00 PM, February 28                Tucson, Arizona                Wal-Mart, 7035 La Cholla

Day Three     12 Noon, March 1                      El Paso, Texas                  Album Park, Parkwood Road Site

Day Three      7:00 PM, March 1                     Midland Texas                  Channel 10 Television, 3200 La Force Blvd.

Day Four        3:00 PM, March 2                     Austin, Texas                     Steps of City Hall, Cesar Chavez Blvd.

Day Five        11 AM, March 3                        Houston, Texas                  Finish Strong Sports, 14620 Memorial Drive

Day Five        5:00 PM, March 3                     Baton Rouge, Louisiana    Las Palmas Restaurant, 18340 Highland Road

Day Six         12 Noon, March 4                      New Orleans, Louisiana     French Quarter

Day Six         3:00 PM, March 4                      Waveland, Mississippi        Don't forget.

Day Seven    12 Noon, March 5                       Daytona Beach                Wahoo!  Let the awareness and fuy Elevennd
raising                                                                                                      begin!  Don't to forget to have some fun too!

Day Eight      ALL DAY, March 6                      Daytona Beach                Getting set up today.

Day Nine       ALL DAY, March 7                      Daytona Beach                Meeting the neighbors.  Walking Main Street.

Day Ten        ALL DAY, March 8                      Daytona Beach                Check out the beards.

Day Eleven   ALL DAY, March 9                      Daytona Beach                Friends at the booth.

Day Twelve   ALL DAY, March 10                    Daytona Beach                More Friends, a Bike Show and a Concert

Day Thirteen  ALL DAY, March 11                   Daytona Heach                Our last day at Daytona Beach!

Day Fourteen    March 12                                 Hammond, LA                 Heading west to Temecula.

Day Fifteen       March 13                                 Houston / San Antonio     Visiting the Scleroderma Family Registry

Day Sixteen      March 14                                 Las Cruces, New Mexico  Traveling forever across Texas.

Day Seventeen March 15                                 Temecula, California      720 miles in one day.  Whew!!!