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George Huele,
Chase 303x driver,
became a good
friend and total
support during the
week.  Thank you,
The Julia Lynn didn't finish the 39th running of the Baja 1000.  A faulty oil cooler led to a catastrophic oil leak freezing
Julia Lynn's motor.  Notwithstanding, 2006 was an incredible year.  And our travels in Baja California was even more
fabulous than that.  Baja California is as romantic as it is mysterious.  Windswept deserts, endless cacti, white sand
beaches.  The people are warm, making one feel like family.  One of the best experiences of my life!  With that said, we
are coming back next year for the 40th running of the Baja 1000.  Racing For Life will strive to make 2007 an even bigger
and more productive year for the charities.
Buenos Dias

The people of Baja California, to say the least, are charming, and gracious hosts to a fault!  Everywhere we went, warm smiles, fresh tacos, and
open hands greeted us.  For the next eight days we traveled more than 2,500 miles along the majestic Baja peninsula, witnessing the
granddaddy of all off road events while being awestruck by the natural beauty of Baja California.  So follow along . . .
Our first night was in
Guerrero Negro,after
490 miles of driving all
day through the Baja
sun.  A good meal, hot
shower, and "okay"
mattress left us ready
for our run to Cuidad
Busted flat in Constitucion . . .
Pulled over for an illegal left turn, the policia
escorted us to his brother's inn where we spent the
night getting ready to pre-run the next day,
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