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amazing day.  Planned just following 40 Years To Glory, RFL invited Malcolm Smith, JN Roberts, Rod
Hall, Ray Harvick, John Barnes, Dick Hansen, Dave Ekins, Bruce Meyers and Larry Minor for an afternoon of
storytelling, riding, a great barbecue, with Pinned TV and Below The Radar Entertainment capturing the
moments on film.

It all started simple enough -- invite the men who raced in that first race 40 years ago and have them
recap that race through their memories around a high desert campfire.  Well, after a few phone calls,
everyone said yes!  And the planning began.

We brought together Pinned TV and Below The Radar Entertainment to provide camera duties.  Pinned
TV is filming the Malcolm Smith / JN Roberts story around the Racing For Life Team for an upcoming TV
special to be shown in San Diego on December 23, Cox 4.  Below The Radar TV is filming the life story of
Rod Hall with sponsorship from General Motors.  We brought the entire RFL team in as hosts, with support
by Cahuilla Grill to provide catering duties.

Ray Harvick, traveling all the way from Stockton, California, knocked on the Filanc Ranch gates the night
before, only to find no one home.  After spending the night at a nearby campground, he caught up with
Jim Filanc at around 10 AM.

By 11 AM Rod Hall had arrived, immediately followed by Bruce Meyers.  Later that morning Jim learned
tha Dave Ekins would be unable to attend as he tended to family matters with the passing of his dear
brother, Bud, only a few days before.

No Malcolm.

The RFL team scrambled to finish cleaning and setting things up, with Bryan the Caterer arriving at noon,
food in hand.  He put on an amazing spread of food all afternoon, including two kegs of beer, soda,
gatorade and water.

No Malcolm.
Eight men who raced in the first Mexican 1000 40 Years Ago Gather
in Anza, California For A Day of Storytelling, Riding and Renewing
Lifelong Friendships!

JN Roberts called about 1:30 PM.  We learned he turned on the wrong road, and was about 40 miles off course.  We guided him in through the back side of Hemet.  He arrived before
nightfall, not having to rely on his headlights again.

No Malcolm.

A professional still photography team set up with the Anza Valley as a backdrop, setting up The Julia Lynn II and the 1967 Husqvarna 360 for team photos.  Initial shots and lighting
were worked out.  Check out the pictures.  You be the judge.

Still no Malcolm.

Everyone suited up and went for a ride by late afternoon.  12 bikes, one Hummer, one Meyers Manx.  The back trails of Anza are amazingly like Baja.  Rough, rocky, unpredictable.  
After several miles of riding and camera shots (sidelines and helmet cams), the group returned to the ranch for the barbecue.  

Prior to "pigging out", everyone gathered for the official team photo shoot.  Dressed in official team jerseys, and outfitted with custom gear from Malcolm Smith Racing, EVS Sports,
and Arai Helmets, the team was stylin'!

Waiting no longer, everyone dug in to the amazing aromas that were simmering around the ranch house.  Slow cooked tri-tip and chicken quarters.  Everyone settled in to eat,
sipping tequila provided by "1921" tequila.  The owners brought the entire line of tequila vintages (really!) for an afternoon sipping and tasting party.  A few guys really felt that!

Finally, around 6:00 PM, and a headlight bobbed along the access road.  Malcolm.  Grinning from ear to ear, he was happy to see his old friends.  And really hungry.  He whipped
up a plate and settled in.

After everyone sated themselves, the campfire was started.  The men gathered around for the Pit Racing session of the ages.  Liars poker.  Great, tall tales.  Missed pits. Wrong turns.  
Turtle truck rides.  That infamous last Check Point in Ciudad Constitucion.  Too many moments to recount.  Look for the upcoming special by Pinned TV, and the DVD to be
available through the 6,000+ Tucker Rocky dealers by Christmas.  Some amazing interviews by the men who raced that first race 40 years ago.

After a good night's sleep, the men woke up to fresh ground coffee and a hearty breakfast.  Everyone pitched in, cleaning up and breaking camp by 9 AM.  An amazing day!!!