December 28, 2006
San Diego Automotive Museum
San Diego, California

$15,000 Donated to
The Charities!
Racing For Life Off Road Team
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Thursday, December 28, 2006 marked the end of an incredible year of fund raising for The Racing
For Life Off Road Team.  A Press Conference was held at The San Diego Automotive Museum where
checks were presented to The Scleroderma Foundation and The Lance Armstrong Foundation
totalling $7,500 each.  Media coverage was provided by The Riverside Press Enterprise and Univision
KBNT 17, San Diego.  The press conference was arranged by Claudine Lewis, Board Member, San
Diego Scleroderma Foundation Chapter.  Fletcher Diehl, San Diego Slcderoderma Chapter President,
received the check on behalf of the national organization.

Oscar Ramos, SCORE legal counsel and personal representative of Tijuana Mayor Hank Rohn,
presented a check for $7,500 to complete the purchase of The Julia Lynn.  The Julia Lynn was
present to complete her yearlong journey on behalf of the two charities.

In a second presentation, a check for $7,500 was presented to Bob Swanson, Museum Executive
Director, on behalf of The Lance Armstrong Foundation.  Mr. Swanson's son-in-law, Tom Kenna, is
currently recovering from testicular cancer.  Among those in attendance was Dick Kurtz, museum

An announcement was made by Jim Filanc that The Malcolm Smith Foundation will be a recipient of
funds raised in 2007, along with The Scleroderma Foundation and The Lance Armstrong Foundation.
The number plate for the "to-be-restored" 1967 Husqvarna 360, signed by Malcolm Smith, was
displayed, signaling the start of RFL 2007.

Look for the restored Husqvarna on display at the museum throughout 2007.
Setting up the event
Fletcher Diehl readying for the cameras.
Bob Swanson and Jim Filanc with the
donation to The Lance Armstrong

Admiring the museum.
The number plate with the Malcolm
Smith signature.
Presenting the check to Fletcher Diehl.
We're honored to give this to The
Scleroderma Foundation in memory of
Julia Lynn Filanc.
Jim Filanc presenting The Julia Lynn to
The Mayor courtesy of Oscar Ramos.
OScar Ramos presenting the check on
behalf of the Mayor.
sFletcher Diehl saying a few words.
Thank you all for your attendance!
Fletcher Diehl and Jim Filanc
Fletcher Diehl, Jim Filanc, and Oscar
Ramos in front of the cameras.