December 9, 2006
Primm Resort and Casino
Primm, Nevada
Racing For Life Off Road Team
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Well we finally made it to the grand finale event for Racing For Life in 2006, The SCORE Annual
Awards Banquet.  This special moment in history included the auctioning off of The Julia Lynn to
Tijuana Mayor Hank Rohn, showing his support for Racing For Life and the work we have done
benefiting the two charities.  $7,500 was the winning bid, with net proceeds going directly to the two

The year's SCORE class champions were honored throughout the evening, emceed and presented
by Cameron Steele.

A special announcement was made by SCORE about the course for 40th anniversary of the Baja
1000.  It will start in Tijuana, BC and end in Cabo San Lucas, BC, following the route run 40 years ago
and won by Malcolm Smith and JN Roberts.  A new log was unveiled commemorating the anniversary.  
Sal Fish, SCORE International President and CEO announced that nothing will stand in his was from
making this the best Baja 1000 in history.

So check out the photos below of this memorable evening.  
Havin' a great time!
Bidding at the Silent Auction.
Primm Hospitality!
Silent Auction announcement.
Yeah, I got that shot!
Ofelia Filanc and Mary Vale having a
great time!

The audience from the podium.
Sal, doing what Sal does best -- making
everyone feel like family.
Jim Filanc and The Julia Lynn, after a
year of fundraising!
Mary and David Vale.
Admiring the 1967 Husqvarna, on loan
from Vintage Husky.
Julia Lynn memorabilia.  The famous
front fender.
Mayor Jorge Rohn hosting a toast for
next year's Baja 1000.
The new logo.
A few words from Da Man!
Where would I be without her?
Admiring the Husky??? Yeah, right!
Getting ready for dinner.
Priorities, priorites!
Pass me the bread!
I'll drink to that!  Wait, I resemble that
Great times!
Admiring The Julia Lynn and the fender!
The awards begin!
Walking off with the gold!
Thanks for your support!
Another award for the Herbst family.
Makes it all worth it!
You earned it!
Cameron doing his thing.
We did it1.
Congratulations Ms. Steele.
It's my turn!
And they kept on coming!
One more word  . . .
Thank yo very much!
Paul and Sal Fish admiring the 1967
One final autograph by Sal Fish on The
Julia Lynn!
After-party shenanigans in the VIP